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06-03-05 20:38
I have a car =D
05-21-05 12:59
I had a really good time last night, MSI was awesome.
But my shirt kind of got ruined, the letters started peeling off. Stupid Walmart iron ons, lol.

I don't like reading old friends' journals and stuff, because then I start to miss them and it's depressing, so I think I'm going to stop.

They think they found me a car. If all goes well I might have it by the end of this week. Probably not, though.

Three more days of school =D
05-21-05 12:57
I guess my mom had court today and, once again, came up positive for meth in her drug test.
It was nice not having to hear from her or talk to her, or think about her at all but now she's back to pissing me off and I'm sick of letting it get to me.

In other news, my cousin Mel is getting here tonight and I was supposed to go with to the airport to pick her up but Sara said she didn't want to get me home too late since I have school tomorrow, so I guess I'm not going. I might get to hang out with her tomorrow night, or Saturday though.

My step mom is really annoying me. Like the only place I ever ask her to drive me is work, and it's not like I have a choice about that, they're the ones who wanted me to get a job, not that I didn't want one, and they said they would buy me a car if I had money for gas and insurance and I do, but they still haven't gotten me one, and she gets all bitchy anytime I ask for a ride anywhere. Marybeth invited me to her graduation party Saturday night, and I asked if I could go and she got all bitchy and was like "If we all decide to go, you can come, but if not I'm not going to take you, I'm sick of being everyone's taxi service," Okaaay. Whatever then. Maybe I'll ask Danica to come pick me up on her way, or something.

Oh, yes, I only have 9 days of school left, my last day is the 25th, and I want to come up to north on their last day or maybe before then, to hang out and whatnot, so hopefully I'll be able to do that, but I'm really not sure of their rules and whatnot as I've never gone there as a visitor. Someone should find out for me. Or I'll eventually stop being so lazy and call and find out myself.
04-27-05 15:17
Sooo today was fun. In French we had a sub so we were watching a movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, ohhh yeaahh. But it was in French and that's no good. We're only in second year, I think it's ridiculous that she expects us to be able to understand anything. I don't like watching movies when I have no idea what they're saying, even when it's an awesome movie. So, I got distracted. I had a good time passing notes, though.

I was talking to Jared about how I still needed one more semester of gym, and he was like "Oh, well you can take aerobics and tumbling with us senior year." and I was like, okay, how do you know we'll all even be in the same class? Apparantly there are a lot of classes offerred at Ralston that no one ever takes, and so if there's less than 8 people signed up for it, they won't have it, and that's one of them. I'll probably be the only girl in there. Maybe I can convince Danica to take it, too. I wish it was next year, it sounds highly amusing. Oh well.
I realized that most of my friends at Ralston are guys. I never hang out with any of them outside of school, though, I should try to do that more often because they're hilarious.

I'm going to go look for places to apply online.
04-26-05 17:54
I went to get my license today. I failed. =D Oh well. Now I know what to do for next time.

School tomorrow, I get to see Will, <3333. I haven't seen him in a week. And that's no good.

<3 Jackie
04-24-05 19:41
I find it funny how in my last post I was complaining about only getting 15 hours a week, because now I'm getting 11. For the past two weeks that's all I've gotten. Luckily, last week shit came up and I ended up getting like 20 instead, but still. I guess I need to find another job. Any suggestions of where to apply in Omaha?

Oh yes, I got s cell phone. 612-6471. People (that I know) should call me. Whenever. I don't care about posting my number in here cause I already get weird ass calls from the friends of the guy who had this number before. So, it doesn't really matter if I get more.

I'm really excited for MSI on May 20th.


I suddenly really want to eat at Village Inn. I wish I had a car so I could do random, spur-of-the-moment things. That's the best. Ah well.
04-07-05 14:30
Will Dahlheimer writes:
Yeah I will ask my mom if I can hang out with you on Friday night. I get out of play practise at like 8-9 so maybe. But I really want to see you! Seriously, I really like you Jackie, I mean it is pretty obvious. Well I will call you for sure tonite cuz I have play practise from 8-8:30/9. So yeah, I'll talk to you later.

Aww. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with the ugly scarf I'm knitting... It looks so terrible, but considering it's the first thing I've ever knitted, I think I can be forgiven.

Sara's taking me out to dinner tonight, and Michelle and Brittani are coming, and unfortunately so are Keith and Suzi (bleh) but Sara said they were there when she was inviting Michelle and she would've felt rude not inviting them, so I guess it's okay.

I really hate how my work schedules me for like 2 hours during the week and then like ALL WEEKEND. I mean, I would be fine with it, because I don't really do anything on the weekends, but sometimes I do want to do things on the weekends, and I don't do anything during the week either so they should schedule me a little less on weekends and a little more on weekdays. And just give me more hours in general, cause I'm only getting like 15 this week.

I think this weekend, we're going to go out and practice driving, and then I suppose sometime soon we'll go get my license! I'm really excited, and not being sarcastic.

Anyway, time to go

03-31-05 15:45
Today is my birthday! It's really exciting. I'm 16, finally.

I could barely sleep last night, haha.

Annnd soon we're going out to dinner, and as I had an oatmeal creme pie for lunch, I'm quite hungry. So that should be enjoyable.

hairy apple: but it's okay cause they're getting me a car.
slp: ahh
slp: you suck!
hairy apple: didn't i tell you?

haha. Fun stuff. Me, getting a car. Watch out guys. Just kidding, I'm a pretty good driver.
Once I have a car I'm going to come to Omaha (like it's so far away! stupid Ralston) and visit my friends. It'll be very exciting.
Oh yeah, everybody cheer for Stephanie on her job at FFC!

03-26-05 09:26
So right now is apparantly Ralston's spring break. We only get three days off, what is that? And what's with OPS not having their spring break for another two weeks? That's just weird. Oh well.

My birthday is on Thursday.


<3 Jackie
03-31-05 15:51
Okay, so I got stood up at the mall. I don't see the point of calling, because if he wanted to be there, he would probably have been there, and if something had happened, he would have called, wouldn't he?

I want to call, but I don't.


So, I called, and he wasn't home.
-2nd edit-
He called, said his mom refused to take him.
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